Ugandan investors pay a visit to API

 Ugandan investors pay a visit to API

A delegation of Ugandan investors led by Reverend Robert Kayanja has visited the Burundi Investments Authority (API) on 23rd of January 2018. They were seeking information on various investments opportunities, which Burundi has.

Introducing the meeting, Mr. Léonard SENTORE, the API Chief Executive Officer welcomed the delegation at API and wished them a pleasant stay in Burundi.

InvestorsThe delegation of Ugandan investors

At their arrival at API premises, Ambassador Albert NASASAGARE, the deputy State’s Chief of protocol who accompanied the delegation told the investors that API is a corruption free institution that offers services transparently. “Here at the Burundi Investment Promotion Authority, there is a one-stop shop where a company is registered within two hours, and no one asks for bribe.  Upon the registration of your company a receipt is issued,” he said.

The head of the Investment Promotion division at API, Mr. Esaie NTIDENDEREZA briefed the delegation on various investment opportunities in Burundi such as agri-business sector and mainly the food processing industry, road-air-marine transportation, energy, water, tourism, etc. He also mentioned the Lake Tanganyika that connects Burundi to three neighboring countries including Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia as an ideal gateway to attracting Foreign Direct Investments.

He added that Burundi has many fruits and other agricultural products that need to be transformed, therefore there is a need of foreign investors to think of food manufacturing.

Ambassador Albert NASASAGARE also said that Burundi has various minerals to the point that foreign investors could be interested by the mining sector. He mentioned that Burundi has significant reserves of Nickel worldwide that still lack sufficient energy to extract such a precious natural resource. 

Robert Kayanja, said that in 2040 the world will be in scarcity of water while people need clean water in there lives at daily basis. He however said that Burundi is still lucky since if one digs few meters he gets clean and pure water. He plans to extend a current Ugandan experience of clean water production and distribution nationwide in Burundi. As they showed much interest in investing in water sector, Mr. SENTORE advised them to visit the national Water and Electricity Distribution Company (REGIDESO) for insightful demand/supply information.

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