Burundi has marvelous investment opportunities

Burundi has marvelous investment opportunities

On sidelines of the Tanzanian Products Exhibition that started on 27th September 2017 at Tempête grounds, the embassy of Tanzania to Burundi has organized a one-day Tanzania-Burundi business forum on 30th September in La Détente Restaurant in Bujumbura.

The objective of a such forum was to have a fruitful dialogue between Tanzanian and Burundian traders on challenges and constraints they face while doing business in both countries and find out together ways of solving them and enhance the commercial ties of both countries. The participants wished Non-Tarif Barriers were removed. The Minister for transports, public works and equipment, Jean Bosco NTUNZWENIMANA was the guest of honor in the forum.

AmbM. Hassan Rajabu GAMAHA, the Tanzanian Ambassador to Burundi

In his remarks, Hassan Rajabu GAMAHA, the Tanzanian ambassador to Burundi said Burundi is a very peaceful country full of plenty investment opportunities that can attract foreign direct investments such as agriculture, industry sector, mining, fisheries, tourism and so on.

Besides, Burundi has a population of more 10 million and Tanzania has a populace of 50 million, so both countries have a total of more than 60 million, therefore there is a huge market of products from these countries in the region. The envoy went on asking the Tanzanians present in the forum and exhibition to go and tell others in Tanzania that they have witnessed a very conducive investment environment in Burundi. “There is peace, we are here on duty, people are constructing their nation… there is no war. Go and tell others that there is peace, what they hear or read in media is a wrong information aired with the purpose of tarnishing the image of Burundi”, he said.

The ambassador called upon Tanzanians wishing to invest in Burundi to do so. He also said Tanzania was a very huge country with a fertile land. He rather invited Burundians interested with agriculture to go and invest wherever they want in his country.

TTPThe Minister for Transports, Public works and Equipment, Ir. Jean Bosco NTUNZWENIMANA

In his speech, the minister for transports, public works and equipment said the ongoing Tanzanian products fair has been a success and saw the participation of high authorities and dignitaries, amongst them Their Excellencies Pierre NKURUNZIZA, the head of State, Honorable Pascal NYABENDA, the speaker of the National Assembly, Joseph BUTORE, the second Vice-President and other diplomats from various embassies accredited to Burundi.

Minister NTUNZWENIMANA said Burundi government reiterated to support entrepreneurs and business dealers. He also said the business forum was an occasion for participants to fast-track factors that in one way or another would contribute remarkably to empowering business partnership in both countries.

“Burundi has much interests in the improvement of the railway from Dar-es-salaam to Kigoma, in increasing the number of coaches for the freight of goods entering Burundi, in reduction of the transportation fares of goods passing through the central corridor, in harmonizing the fees at both Dar-es-salaam and Kigoma ports.  Also there is a need of increasing the number of vessels on the Lake Tanganyika.” He said. The Minister also said there was a need of organizing custom clearance operations at Kigoma or Isaka instead of Dar-es-salaam.

 The head of Exportations Promotion division ai API, M. CIBOGOYE Jean Claude 

On behalf of Burundi Investments Promotion Authority (API) CEO, the head of Exportations promotion division CIBOGOYE Jean Claude has explained the various investment opportunities, which Burundi has. He thus invited Tanzanians to come and invest in agri-business sector, industry, mining, fisheries, energy, etc.

CIBOGOYE said API has a policy of promoting the investment and trade. There is a two-hour target at the API’s one stop shop wherein a business is registered within two hours. And the Government of Burundi is committed to improve the affairs' climate.

He said in accordance with the investment code, investors who qualify are granted some fiscal and custom incentives. Concerning the incentives, he gave an example of tax emption granted to investors that import inputs or machinery. He also said API has a dream to see from this forum initiatives of partnership to set up processing factories in Burundi. CIBOGOYE said Burundi is a geographical strategic country since it is closer to DRC.

 Burundians speak four languages which are Kiswahili, Kirundi, French, English and some other vernacular languages spoken in Tanzania like Kiha, Kihaya,etc  and that is the other opportunity to rely on in enhancing the bilateral commercial ties.